Femocracy Ambassadors

My name is Sade Famuyiwa, I'm in 11th grade and I'm from the Los Angeles area. Ever since I was little, I've always believed in equality for all. Whether it was because my grandmother was being made fun of for her Nigerian accent, or if my best friend from elementary was made fun of for being a "nerd", I would always stand up for them. For most of my life I grew up in New York, and I've gotten the experience to meet many people from different backgrounds and identities. This has given me an open perspective, and for a while I thought that the rest of the world was like this. I thought the world was a "melting pot" of acceptance of different cultures, just like New York was.  Ever since moving to Los Angeles and growing older, I realized that the world isn't really a "melting pot" in that sense. I began to realize that although there's places like New York, there's also places that don't think that way. There's a lot of segregated places. I always loved to tell stories, so maybe if I tell stories about people's experiences in a way that's real. In a way that makes people think about lives beyond their own. And in a way that would make them think about how there are lives out there that could be much more complex than their own, then maybe that could make a difference. I want to join Project Femme, to tell their stories and speak for the people who feel like they can't, and to spread awareness to those who have no idea what that's like. It is time for justice!

My name is Finn, I am a 14 year old FtM Transgender boy looking to change the world, one step at a time. Starting with Femocracy. I have always been a Feminist, because anyone can be one, you don't have to be just female, males and even people on the Non-Binary spectrum can be feminists! I am Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT, Pro-Women in Combat! I am for equal rights for all. I am a Femocracy Ambassador!

My name is Noah Faulkner, and I am a nonbinary teen in the Los Angeles area. My family and I immigrated to America when I was fairly young and we're now citizens. I became increasing interested in politics in 2015 and, by 2016, it was all I could think about. I'm currently in my eighth school, a local high school, and want to major in political sciences (and minor in gender/queer studies) at Pace University. I am constantly writing, usually poetry, and dream of moving into the Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach. I came out as gay on accident in sixth grade, and as nonbinary in November. My family is pretty tense when it comes to gender/sexuality. I constantly dream of moving to France or New York, getting a buzzcut, tattoos, and attending every protest within a ten mile radius. I want to be a politician and be able to watch the news for more than half an hour without becoming scared for the state of the world.

My name is Sadie. I’m 16 years old and I live in South Carolina. I am hoping to encourage young girls to get more involved in their government. Being a Democratic feminist in a red state has been eye-opening to so many different political ideas. I hope that I can bring my ideas and experiences to Femocracy and use them to encourage more people to get involved. I plan to go into government when I am older, specifically the judicial system. I love learning about how our justice system works- and learning about what happens when it doesn’t. Joining the movement for equality has been a wild ride, and one I wouldn’t change for the world. I’m so grateful to have a program like this to encourage girls like me to make a difference in their government and their world.

Haritha is a high schooler in the California Bay Area. She considers herself a passionate feminist. She is very  interested in politics, debate, and anything remotely feminism related.  She is a strong believer in intersectionality, and believes feminism encompasses a wide variety of issues, ranging from Black Lives Matter to climate change. At school, she is involved in the Women’s Empowerment Association, Speech and Debate, and High School Democrats of America, In the future, she would like to study International Relations or Human Rights Law. She very excited to join Femocracy as an ambassador!

My name is Aarabhi Achanta and I am from Cupertino. As a kid I was always loud and spoke my mind, but I soon realized that it wasn't the way to change things, action was; and from there my passion for politics, especially human rights, grew. I first started to notice the harmful stereotypes in society around me when someone told me that I couldn't be strong, funny, smart, or sporty like a boy. It was frustrating to think from a young age that we are all shaped into these stereotypes by our environment, even if we weren't aware of it and I wanted to change them. I enjoy traveling, swimming, water polo, reading, and spending time with my sister.

I'm Rose, I am from the Midwestern US, am in the 12th grade and doing dual enrollment at a local college, I will graduate from highschool, and college with my AS in political science the same time, before I transfer to the University of Michigan to continue my studies. I hope to study abroad at the University of Amsterdam, and focus on gender and sexuality in the Netherlands while studying. I am extremely passionate about political issues such as LGBTQ+ issues, women's rights, climate justice, and animal rights. I run my schools Model UN team, and am a member of our varsity debate team, social justice club, and GSA. I came out as asexual  in August, but it's still not a topic my family is very understanding of, or comfortable with. I want to become a public servant, and eventually make my way up to Washington, so I can be a voice for the disabled, LGBTQ+ community, animals, women, and climate justice.

I'm Sophie, a high school student from Northeast United States. I am a feminist, and I am joining the fight to encourage women in spheres of media and politics. I am still learning about myself, but I am working to become as efficient and effective as possible in making change happen and rallying others. I work as a member of my school's Gender and Sexuality Alliance to make my school a safer place for LGBT students. I also keep an eye out for current events, and engage myself in fictional debate, like Model United Nations to learn about the politics of the world around me, but I can only do so much at my age. This is why I am so excited to join Femocracy. I want to broaden my sphere of influence beyond my school, so I can help make the world a better place.