#GirlsSupportingGirls: She Said, a Badass Podcast on Feminism

A new segment being featured on Project Femme will be Girls Supporting Girls, a space to appreciate and recognize all of the extraordinary things young women are doing and sharing their voices with the world. 

Isabel Fields is an eighteen-year-old feminist activist and head of the organization FEM, or, Feminine Every Month, along with Grace Westlin, which seeks to provide homeless women with equal access to menstrual hygiene products and dismantle the stigma around menstruation in general. She is an outspoken advocate and incredible young woman. Her new project is an excellent podcast called She Said, centered around discussing feminism, intersectionality, and the endless plethora of sub-issues and theories that arise within the movement. She does not solely rely upon her own inquiry and pondering, but rather, includes conversations with other young activists from a diverse array of backgrounds and endeavors. You can listen to the podcast below - our founder, Sofia Sears, is featured with her thoughts on feminism in this episode.