About Femocracy

We used to be Project Femme. We felt that the name didn't adequately encompass the multitude of identities we sought to represent and decided to change that.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda would say, Femocracy is a movement- not a moment. It is a platform and organization dedicated to teenagers, first and foremost. We define femocracy as: democracy revitalized, rebuilt, and re-energized through intersectional feminism. We will never achieve true representation in that uniquely American principle of “We the People” until all people are included in that statement. Femocracy aims to enact progressive policy, train the next generation of progressive activists and organizers, and revolutionize how we build change- orienting it around principles of intersectionality. We focus on marginalized demographics of young people, particularly LGBTQ+ girls and young WOC, and work to establish a collaborative platform with all the resources necessary for these changemakers to engage in democracy creatively. Particularly, teenage girls may be the most under-acknowledged, underestimated, and underrepresented community in our world, but we are the most brazen and brilliant of powerhouses for change. Femocracy is not simply about women in power - that is certainly part of it - but rather, about feminism in power. That doesn’t mean any of the unconstructive accusations thrown endlessly at feminists: this isn’t about kicking men out. It is about raising everyone up. The United States of America, the Constitution, is simply a collection of arbitrary, meaningless words without us there working to actively embody it. Democracy is an evolution, a process, a strenuous and often disappointing system of small revolutions. We aim to make every young person who has ever felt unheard, invalidated, or dismissed, a revolutionary in their unique way.

We need creative spaces to speak our truths and fight to be heard in every level of civic engagement. 

Femocracy is for everyone and anyone uncertain of the next step, but impassioned enough to want to be a part of it. It is for those who feel underrepresented, unheard, and voiceless in the hollow, often petty political spectacle America has so fondly created and endorsed. It is for the queer teenagers who do not know who they are yet, who are unsure of their place in this unsettling, odd universe but are discontent with the state of our democracy. It is for young marginalized feminists not to be exclusive, but rather, to represent and vocalize the experiences of a specific community of individuals that has long gone unheard and underrepresented. I started Femocracy because I believe that feminism, and intersectionality are necessities to sustainable democracy, not mere theoretical premises isolated in a vacuum outside of our politics. 

We need to uplift, inspire, and enable young feminists to engage in all fields: activism, politics, creativity, etc. We have to ensure that all marginalized folks have positions of power that are used to represent the discontent and afraid. We have to engage young people- this is the crucial asset that is widely unacknowledged and underestimated. Youth civic engagement may sound like an overused, dry term, but truly, it is one of the most valuable and vital essentials to reshaping and reinvigorating our nation. We need to make political engagement accessible to all- no matter your socioeconomic circumstances. We cannot, under any circumstances, sigh ourselves into complacency. It is easier than what we have to do, but it is not humane. It is not an option for those of us who are terrified, shaken, upset, and destabilized both emotionally and literally by the administration, behavior, and men representing us as a nation.

We want a democracy that everyone can readily participate in and help to construct without discrimination. Young people are at the forefront of creating just that. 

Let's build it together. 

The Team

Head/Founder: Sofia Sears

Executive Event Coordinator: Liz Stewart