Get Involved

If you are ready to join this movement, you have a plethora of options to choose from. We want everyone possible to get involved in whatever way that best suits you and your interests and abilities.

  • Become a PF Ambassador for Change! Being an ambassador is a much larger commitment than simply being a supporter, but if you are a young individual and dedicated to uplifting the voices of femme-identifying people, we’d love for you to apply! Depending on your interests, you’ll be assigned specific areas to focus in on and work in, such as Student Outreach, Legislation, Media, Political Research, etc. We want everyone involved so in your application please mention any ideas you have. Creativity is at the core of this movement. As an Ambassador, you will also have a permanent feature on the website’s staff, start social action campaigns in your community, and get people engaged in the program. You will also have the opportunity to work at our events, and meet other extraordinary political activists! Apply here.
  • Sign Up to become part of the movement; we’ll email you regular updates and you’ll have access to volunteering and campaigning materials, and essentially you’ll be a supporter of the project! No commitment required, you put in as much as you’d like! Please sign up here:
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  • Donate! We are incredibly appreciative of any and all donations you can afford. Project Femme is entirely reliant upon donations, sponsors, and fundraising efforts, so if you'd like to become part of that, please do not hesitate to email us! We are more than pleased to cultivate partnerships and sponsorships, and it is all put to good use. Go to our GoFundMe page to give!