Femocracy is not just an online hub. It can be an in-person one, too. Start a Femocracy chapter in your area. We are progressive community organizing groups comprised of youth. If you're a femme-identifying teen, or you just want to support safe spaces for femme youth, and want to get involved in progressive political action, joining or starting a Femocracy is perfect for you, and extremely simple. We're still a relatively new organization, based in Los Angeles, California, so our primary chapter is there. We need your help to spread the movement and help empower young people - particularly teenage girls, perhaps the most underestimated and consistently invalidated of demographics - to take intersectional, feminist action in all its forms regularly. We meet once a month - or more, depending on the preferences/circumstances of your particular chapter. 

What do Femocracy chapters actually do?

PF chapters are not political action groups. Femocracy chapters are what are called "feminist consciousness-raising groups." We want to embody intersectional feminism in all its many manifestations, and that kind of creative freedom with what exactly your group can do opens up more possibilities than simply laying out simple political tasks. We want to empower feminism not only politically, but socially, culturally, and of course, in ourselves. We rally around progressive candidates in local elections and phonebank or fundraise for them. We see the identifier of "femme" as intrinsically linked to feminism: exploring, redefining, and understanding gender and sexuality. 

We create monthly zines to hand out in our communities. We call and write letters to our local representatives. We take self-defense and first-aid courses. We read feminist literature from a diverse variety of voices. We host marches, rallies, and events. The possibilities are endless but what Femocracy chapters do is consolidate and effectively, concretely organize a hub of energy and willingness to continue the movement through tangible action, whatever that means to you.  And yes. Teenagers are more than capable of creating and running these groups on their own. 

Join the Los Angeles chapter. 

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